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Massage Therapy and Covid19 in Vancouver

Has anyone actually SEEN masks this colour? Yes, please.

Hey, I have new subscribers that aren't spam.. Whoa!

Hi everyone, hey Vancouver, fall is definitely in the air with more provincial restrictions regarding Covid coming into play. A few people are asking me about them and I wanted to start this blog so, makes sense to smoosh the two together.

Okay so, the burning question of the day is:

"Hey Jen, is it safe to come for a massage during Covid, especially with Vancouver's numbers jumping WAY up"?

Well. Your guess is as good as mine. Unless Dr. Bonnie Henry shuts us down again, I'm going to say if we follow the protocols, I think we're OK. On a side note, I have to admit if I was really afraid of contracting Covid, I probably wouldn't be working.

On average I'm seeing between 3-5 people a day. Mostly, they are very familiar patients who I trust to fill out their covid pre-screening accurately. And then there's the truth of the thermometer. For the record, when I started taking temperatures at Cushna earlier this summer, I have never encountered a temperature that qualified as a fever.

If you are around loved ones who are immune compromised or in high risk groups, you can make your own judgement about risk. I feel really confident at Cushna that we are cleaning properly in-between patients and that the overall traffic to the clinic is contained with proper distancing. Sometimes we dance around the waiting area, but we are mindful and move like chess pieces accordingly to maintain a safe two meters. We mask, we ventilate. Lots of cleaning. Did I mention the cleaning?

This is NOT my clinic space. These are models showing how fun it is to stay two meters apart.

As far as my blog goes, it will likely evolve into an anatomy and massage and whatever I want it to be for your reading pleasure. Never a shortage of things I can write about, considering we're all pod people these days.

There's always the pain du jour it seems or one thing I'm seeing a lot of recently are people who feel like their shoulders sprout from their ears. Hey guess what, balancing a laptop while sitting on your couch for eight hours a day does not do wonders for your neck, just in case you thought it did.

Ohhh and then there's the moodiness and general Covid me as I sharpen my pencil. Or is it tap those keys? Maybe I have been spending too much time isolated.

For the latest on Covid19 in British Columbia:

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