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Tired of Being Tired - What is Covid Fatigue and Why Am I Feeling Like This?

December. Where did 2020 go?! Ohhhhh right. The C-word.

Did you feel the collective global sigh of relief after they announced approval for the Covid vaccine? Yeah, me neither. Well not really. Yes and no. It’s complicated.

A very popular subject I've been hearing at Cushna lately: Covid fatigue. Literally and literally. We are tired of being inside. We are tired of cleaning. We are tired of the masks. And we are tired of hearing numbers. I try to connect numbers to faces but it's getting harder and harder so I find I avoid watching the news altogether.

You. Are. Not. Alone. Say it with me. I’m not alone.

And some of us are tired. Low energy. Lots of sleeping. Not a lot of optimism, even with a vaccine on the horizon because chances are, most of us aren't looking at receiving it for months to come. Christmas is around the corner but it's going to not be like any we've experienced in the past. I think this is stirring up feelings of anxiety, depression and loneliness in many of us.

This is all Covid fatigue.

So I suppose the first thing I can suggest is tell you to limit your media exposure. I don't mean 'stick your head in the sand this isn't happening' avoidance but being more mindful of how often you watch the news or what are you navigating online. Turn it all off and take a break from the input if it's getting on your nerves.

I keep snacks handy for when I leave the house.

Have a snickers. if you have to go grab groceries or do some errands, make sure you are in the mood and well-fed beforehand. Am I equipped with patience? Deep breaths. Check.

Get enough sleep. I love sleeping and it's a skill I've mastered. Don't let others make you feel bad for getting extra zzz's, not getting up at the crack of dawn or for taking that cat nap. Go for it if that's what your body is telling you to do.

Be kind. To you! Have some self-compassion. We're all going through this in our own ways, we all have different thoughts, feelings and emotions about where things are at. Feeling achy or been working from the couch too much? Come in for a treatment. Remember: self-care. Do what you need to do to improve your outlook or nurture yourself.

Surprisingly, this lady was an awesome listener.

If you find you want to share how you’re feeling with someone else, please do! You may be surprised that the person you reach out to is feeling the EXACT same way. Or if not, that’s okay, it doesn’t make you weird; it’s important to acknowledge how you feel.. feel it! You may find it’s easier to work through or make sense of how you’re feeling if you tell someone. Friend, family member, trusted co-worker, therapist or counsellor.

We still have many months to go. I think now is when we really have to push through what we’re having difficulty with to keep us engaged in upholding health regulations that will continue to be in place for a while still. These are unprecedented times.

Reach out.

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